Make Money Helping People Save Money- dec2020 squeeze

Earn up to £350 for each customer you sign up.

Simply show friends and people you know how to save money on their essential bills including broadband, energy and mobile phones. Earn up to £350 for each customer you introduce. The more customers you intorduce the more you can earn. Just 1 customer a week could earn you an extra £1400 a month PART TIME from home!. For example you could earn the following per month upfront:
Customers signed in month Earn up to per month Earn up to per year
1 £250 £3,000
2 £500 £6,000
3 £750 £9,000
4 £1400 £16,800
5 £1750 £21,000
6 £2100 £25,200
10 £3500 £42,000
There are no limit to how much you can earn each month!

Plus earn an ongoing income on your customers every month!

You will also be paid a commission every month on your customers when they pay their utility bills, forever! We call this residual income. Over time as you sign up more customers this income grows. For example sign up 100 customers and you could earn £300 to £500 every month for work you did once.

Who is Utility Warehouse?

Since 1997, Telecom Plus, which operates Utility Warehouse, has grown from just an idea into a company with a turnover of over £745 million whose shares are traded on the London Stock Exchange. This phenomenal growth in turnover and profits has been achieved by word of mouth ‘referral marketing’. The question is: what share of this could you earn for yourself? The growth Utility Warehouse is experiencing right now is just the beginning. It’s said that the key to success is not necessarily being in the right place at the right time, but recognising that you are in the right place at the right time, and not four years later with hindsight.

Would you like a new car which could be free?

Over 1000 UW partners have benefited from a brand new BMW Mini. Sign up just 75 customers and build a small team and you can apply for a car. Each month you can earn an extra bonus towards the car which could result in a free BMW Mini.

How about an all expenses paid holiday for you and your family?

Sign up just a few customers a month over 6 months or a year and you could qualify for a free holiday. These holidays have included Florida, Vegas, Berlin, South Africa and Barcelona.

Full support when you join

You get everything you need to be successful. Our goal in the first 45 days is to help you sign up 10 customers and put money in your pocket immediatley. You receive when you join …
  • Your own fully managed website to sign up customers from home.
  • A getting started welcome pack.
  • Unlimited free interactive virtual training.
  • Unlimited free online training with top tips to grow your income.
  • Access to your own backend system to track customers.
  • Support from 1400 staff in UW HQ London.
  • Your own personal mentor to help you at all stages.
  • Public liability insurance.

Risk Free registration

There is a risk free 60 day 100% money back guarantee. Attend our online trainings and if it is not for you, you can get 100% of your money back. Registration fee is £50 discounted to £10 if you are already a customer.