How Much Could You Save ? LOTS !!

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Savings on broadband, mobile phones, gas and electric.  Typically customers save £300 to £700 per year PLUS ……

Customers can also save even more with…

1- FREE Led bulbs supplied and fitted worth £300 to £500

2- Up to 7% cashback on everyday shopping in the high street including big names such as Sainsburys (including petrol), M&S, Argos, Boots, Pizza Express plus over 2000 retailers online. Typical cashback savings can be £300+ a year.

3- FREE Gourmet Card – Up to 50% discount at local restaurants & up to 40% off cinema tickets.

So you want to make some money. All you have to do is show people how to save money and when they join as a customer you get paid. It is very simply and you could earn up to £350 per customer upfront plus an ongoing commission every time they pay their bill.

Customers sign up on your very own website we give you.

You can simply email them the link or visit them and talk them through the savings.

The more services a customer takes the more they save and the more money you earn.

We even have a short video by Joanna Lumley to explain how the savings work.

To get a quote
1. Find your bills for gas, electric, broadband, line rental and mobile.
2. Add up how much your currently spend per month.
3. Go to the UW customer quote site here .
4. Watch the Joanna Lumley video to understand how UW saves customers money.
5. Click on the tab “I’m not with a partner”
6. Enter your post code and answer some basic questions and click “Go to Bundles”
7. Choose the best bundle for you. Double Gold is the bundle with the biggest savings. The more you take the more you save.
8. Go through each screen and choose the options and services you want.
9. You will get to a “Your Order So Far” screen giving you your monthly costs. Compare this to what you pay at the moment.
10. Plus you will make extra savings with customers on average saving
1. £300 to £500 per year on cashback.
2. £300 to £500 per year via gourmet card.
3. £300 to £500 worth of LED bulbs supplied and fitted free.
11. If you are happy then click “continue” and complete the customer sign up.
12. You will then also qualify to join as a distributor for £50 (i.e. £50 saving). Take a note of your customer number as you will need this when signing up as a distributor to get the discount.

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