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Just 2 hours a day part time could earn you a full time Income.

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Fantastic benefits Include

Unlimited earnings.
Part time – Full time.
Free luxury holidays.
You choose your hours.
Unlimited free training.
Major UK FTSE250 PLC.
Pay off credit card debt.
No experience necessary.
Residual income every month.
Retire early build a pension.
Achieve financial freedom.
Start your own business.
Stress free & have fun.
Free Share options.
Make new friends.
Travel the world.
More free time.
Leave a legacy.
Pay off debts.

The Next 2.5minutes Could Change Your Life!
Or continue working for the next 20,30,40 or 50 years until you retire.

Earn up to £250 for each customer you sign up.

Earn up to £250 for each customer you introduce. The more customers you intorduce the more you can earn. Just 1 customer a month could earn you an extra £3000 a year PART TIME!.

For example you could earn the following per month upfront:

Customers signed in month Earn up to per month Earn up to per year
1 £250 £3000
2 £500 £6000
3 £750 £9000

There are no limit to how much you can earn each month!

Would you like a new car which could be free?

Over 1000 distributors have benefited from a brand new BMW Mini. Sign up just 75 customers and build a small team and you can apply for a car. Each month you can earn an extra bonus towards the car which could result in a free BMW Mini.


How about an all expenses paid holiday for you and your family?

Sign up just a few customers a month over 6 months or a year and you could qualify for a free holiday. These holidays have included Florida, Vegas, Berlin, South Africa and Barcelona.

What you get when you join

  • Your own fully managed website to sign up customers.
  • Getting started welcome pack.
  • Unlimited free training held at over 40+ locations across the UK.
  • Unlimited free online training database with top tips to grow your income.
  • Access to your own backend system to track customers.
  • Support for UW HQ in London.
  • Your own personal mentor to help you at all stages.
  • Public liability insurance.

Risk Free £100 registration with 90 day money back guarantee (If you change your mind).

There is a risk free 90 day 100% money back guarantee so attend our trainings and if it is not for you, you can get 100% of your money back.

Registration fee is discounted to £50 if you are a already a customer. You can also become a customer within 30 days of joining as a distributor and claim your £50 discount.

Tour of London HQ – Meet the Support Staff

Deputy Headmistress


Motor Trader

Mortgage Broker


General Manager

Corporate Sales